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50 & Counting

Review Milestone Hit!

We’ve done some maths, and can now proudly say that we have accumulated (across our Google Profile & Facebook account) 50 public reviews of the services we offer!

We are soon to be approaching 18 months of operation, and for people to take the time to share their experience with us means a lot to us as an organisation.

What’s better, is that we are 5-star rated across every single one of these 50 reviews.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that every young person that chooses to come to J.Ellis Football has the best experience possible. We are not an exclusive organisation & we do not have trials. We simply exist to support any young person who wants to play the game we all love.

Participants that come to us range from those that want to improve their game after many years within the football landscape already, right the way through to someone who is taking their first steps into the game. Our expert, professional & UEFA qualified coaches ensure all of these participants, no matter where they are on their football journey - are appropriately challenged so that football is not too hard, or not too easy.

It’s these experiences that define the trust we have built with many parents and guardians across Bournemouth.

Speaking about our 50 5-star review achievement, James Ellis said:

“This is our first milestone as a relatively new organisation. I know (personally speaking) that habitually, even if you have a positive experience somewhere - the number of people who take the time to review is actually relatively low. So, to accumulate 50 five-star reviews in a space of 18 months is takes some going.

I really do just simply think this is a reflection of all of the positive things I hear on a day-to-day basis about our services, coaches, organisation, content, support & everything that we do. I like to put out anonymous feedback forms to members, so we can ensure that we’re meeting the needs and wants of participants and continue to evolve. We normally do this every 4-6 months - I think this really helps make what we offer be the best around.

I’ve set an ambitious target of now trying to turn that 50, into 100 five-star reviews. I just also want to say thank you to the members that have taken the time to share their experience - and of course encourage those who haven’t as of yet to do so”.

If you want to see all of our reviews, simply type J.Ellis Football into Google, or head to our Facebook Page (@jellisfootball).

We’ve taken a look through these 50 reviews and have narrowed down (with great difficulty) our favourite five below.

Keilly Smith:

“My 12 year old joined J Ellis about 8 weeks ago. From the start of my communication with James, he has been nothing but professional, helpful, friendly and accommodating to my son's needs.

Kayden has experienced quite a few grassroots teams since he was about 5 years old and one recent academy but I can honestly say that J Ellis is the most professional, well-structured and experienced football training Kayden has had.

In only 8 weeks, Kayden has gained the confidence from both James and Fawzi to work out exactly what he wants with his future in football and he is so excited to keep learning from the best!”

Kelly Jones:

“The coaches are amazing and motivational, the are friendly and make the training sessions fun, informative and give constructive positive feedback.

My Daughter loves her football training with J.Ellis. The sessions have improved her game and boosted her self confidence.”

Denise Carpenter:

“My son has asd and adhd and struggles to engage with new people and environments. James and Mick made him feel less anxious and able to engage in their taster session. They recognised his needs and adapted their teaching to meet that need. Something that has not happened previously with other football groups and has impacted on my sons ability to play football.

James has been in contact with me throughout and as a parent of a child with additional needs that needs preparation and reassurance but such a love and talent for football this has helped immensely and made it so much easier for my son to engage and actually show what talent he has and can be developed.

I totally recommend J Ellis football to all those kids that want to play but don’t have the confidence of the many that do! Thank you and can’t wait for my son to be playing weekly with you!”

Danielle Emily:

“We highly recommend J Ellis football.

Our son joined in August/September 2022 and has continued to go from strength to strength week on week.

Our son thoroughly enjoys each session and wears his J Ellis kit with pride. The coaching is incredible and the team ethos is strong alongside the individual focus on each student.

Five stars!”

Amy Menzies:

“Both of my boys attend on a Wednesday both of their confidences have grown by unmeasurable amounts and love to attend every week!

Confidence has especially been noticed when playing for their grass roots team with a better understanding of the game putting into play what they have learnt. James and his team have been amazing!”

Thank you to every member who has left us a review. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be & fulfil our mission of supporting the grassroots game by providing professional coaching for all of grassroots football.

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