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Meet the Fantastic Four!

Once again, it's 'Player of the Month' & 'Attitude of the Month' awards, this time for those participants that have gone above & beyond in their application across May.

Monthly, we make (the very tough choice) of finding our 'Player of the Month' that celebrates participants who apply the elements of the Physical & Technical Corner within our four-corner model.

'Attitude of the Month' concentrates on the Psychological & Social Corners, highlighting the importance of things such as helping, general behaviour, having fun & never giving up!

Firstly, Joshua Ellis won our 'Attitude of the Month' for Group 2 of our Friday Night Football group. Joshua has been with us for nearly a year now, and Coach James said:

"Josh has really excelled across the recent months & this award is a culmination of that. When Josh first joined us, he struggled with his emotional control when things didn't go well - but over time, he has shown a complete change in behaviour.

Josh always is the first to help when equipment needs collected, he's constantly wanting to answer questions and demonstrate to others.

This has helped with his improvement on the pitch as well, and Josh is someone who loves playing both in goal & out on pitch. As we always say to participants, first & foremost comes the attitude - followed secondly by the technical elements of the game".

For the same group, the coaches also made the decision of who to award the Player of the Month award to. For the month of June, Andrew Farah took home the award, pictured below.

"Andrew's technical ability on the ball, particularly his ball manipulation has been a pleasure to watch and see how much it's developed", James said.

"He has a genuine desire to learn and improve, and he's so eager to really understand how he can do so. He is able to change direction at speed, and also has begun to master the art of 'hiding the ball' when under pressure, which is why we decided that he thoroughly deserved this award".

Our second Friday Night Football group had many members who could have easily and deservedly picked up the latest awards.

However, it was Smilte Klusaite who secure this months attitude award!

The coaching team said:

"Smilte, or 'Smek' as she is affectionately called - brings so much energy and fun to our group. Constantly playing with a smile on her face, she clearly loves her football. Sometimes people may get confused as to why 'having fun' is a non-negotiable of ours, but this is why".

"We are firm believers that when you have fun, that's when you can do your best. Unless you love what you do, you'll never maximise how good you can be. Smilte has embraced this, and her learning is only benefitting from it".

The final winner of the evening was Jawad Albizreh. A J.Ellis Football participant who has been accessing our services for over a year, Jawad has just simply developed excellently month after month. "Jawad has great ball striking ability, and you can see this in not only his finishing - but his choice of pass whether that's short, medium or long range. He always tries to go forward with the ball, wanting to be exciting by beating a player - which is brilliant to watch."

Well done to all of our fantastic four & every participant who attends our weekly school sessions, club sessions, small group sessions & of course, our DNA Football sessions.

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