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Monthly Winners!

After poor weather postponed our sessions on on Friday 14th July, we had to wait until the 21st July to be able to give out our very belated June award winners.

As readers on our website and social media will now know, each month - members of our Friday Night Football groups gather together to recognise individuals who have gone above and beyond across the month.

These awards split into 'Attitude of the Month' and 'Player of the Month' - in line with our four-corner approach to coaching, supporting not only the development from a playing perspective - but also as a person.

Superstar Mia won our Friday Night Football Group, School Years 4-6 'Player of the Month' trophy.

Mia always shows an amazing attitude every single week, with James stating,

"Mia has been such a brilliant addition to our group. She took a while to join because she was suffering from some on-going injuries, but now she is with us each week, her confidence has just grown and grown.

She loves playing in goal and her reaction saves are what has won her this award. Mia's desire to learn is evident through her continued progression both in goal and out on pitch".

Within the same group, Oliver picked up the 'Attitude of the Month' trophy. James said, "I'm not sure I have ever seen Oliver just walk over to training. He quite literally runs to the pitch and loves every minute he's there".

"Oliver loves to score goals, and when he does - he makes sure everyone can hear him celebrate! This is exactly the attitude I want to see across all members, embracing success, having fun & loving the opportunity to play football - Oliver does exactly that".

Our School Years 7-9 groups opened up with Kayden Smith picking up 'Player of the Month'! Having been with J.Ellis Football for a number of months attending both Wednesday & latterly Friday Night Football, he recently started attending our Small Group Sessions.

James said, "Kayden has brilliant technical and physical ability. His ball striking, and in particular - his type of finish has really improved lately. This is something I've been challenging Kayden on - how he scans to inform himself to make the best decision possible. Another area of his game has also been excellent - his ability to receive under pressure. The reason it has been brilliant is because his learnability is so high - a great trait".

The final winner of the evening was Riley O'Sullivan, a J.Ellis Football participant who has actually been playing up an age group since joining us. Riley loves this challenge, with James saying, "Riley is clearly an individual who likes to test himself. He is consistently the first person to help, the first person to try and implement the coaching advice & on the pitch, he will never let someone simply take the ball from him! He will battle (using things like our body shape to protect the ball) in order to maintain possession. There was no doubt at all that he should have been winning June's Attitude of the Month".

Congratulations to Riley, Kayden, Oliver & Mia for their fantastic efforts across June.

We will, as always - be sharing future winners each month right here on the website.

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