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J.Ellis Football Launch New Services

J.Ellis Football are ecstatic to announce two new areas of service via the 'The DNA Hub'

When visitors land on our website, you will be able to go via three links. Firstly, you have our 'DNA Football' - everything you've come to expect from our last two years of operation across Dorset & Hampshire. It's home to our Friday Night Football, School Sessions, Club Courses, Small Group Sessions & Holiday Camps.

Now, you can also head to 'The DNA Hub'. After six months of work, we now plan to reach out across the Country and beyond to support grassroots coaches through our free forum, subscription services and our weekly online webinars.

This is a very exciting development for our organisation, as we reach out to youth football coaches across the UK and beyond, who need and want that vital support to ensure they offer the best experience they possible can.

James Ellis states:

"I've always wanted to build a platform that I would have loved when I began my journey in coaching.

Now, I'm delighted that it is finally live and ready to go! Our forum will be a place where people can engage with likeminded coaches, pose questions, ideas and thought-provoking content. We then have our subscription model for users to gain access to exclusive articles, session content & theory.

Finally, our webinars will take place three times a week covering different topics, so coaches can find a time that suits them, and a topic they want to learn more about".

You can visit The DNA Hub by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing our community grow and continuing to fulfil our mission statement that has always been, and will always be:

To support the grassroots game.

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