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September Superstars

We have yet another month of brilliant 'Player of the Month' & 'Attitude of the Month' superstar participants to share with readers.

For regular followers of our news articles or social media accounts - you'll know that awarding these trophies are very important to us. It's a tradition we have introduced since March of this year, every month celebrating participants who have worked tirelessly within any aspect of our four-corner model approach to coaching. Physical, Technical, Psychological & Social corners that all combine to support a young persons overall football and personal development.

First to collect an award this month is Dylan Khorasani who took home the Player of the Month award for our Friday Night Football Group 1.

Dylan began his time with J.Ellis Football as part of our Corpus Christi Sessions and soon wanted to join FNF. Having been coming weekly to our sessions for nearly 6 months, James Ellis said:

"Dylan is a huge part of our group. He wants to engage in answering questions and finding new ways to improve his game. Technically, Dylan has demonstrated exceptional 1v1 attacking skills and also brilliant ball manipulation and types of turn to beat his opponent.

Dylan could have easily won Attitude of the Month, but I thought it was important to highlight how his excellent attitude has now resulted in his technical ability drastically improving. I can't wait to keep welcoming him and seeing how much more he improves, which I'm sure he will".

Within the same group, our coaches had to make the decision of who to award the 'Attitude of the Month' with July's winner going to a relatively new member, Oscar Smith. Ellis spoke about Oscar, stating:

"Oscar is someone who has recently joined J.Ellis Football and he has told me how happy he is here. Fun is a non-negotiable, as is trying our best and never giving up. Both of these, that are a part of our 5-point mantra of listening, supporting, accepting, trying & having fun - are the reason why Oscar has won this award. Whenever things aren't going to plan, or maybe a team he is on isn't 'winning' (in the traditional sense), he refuses to stop trying. He will always be working as hard as he possibly can, and it's a wonderful trait".

Moving to our older groups groups, James explained why Scarlett Downey took home the 'Player of the Month' award for FNF Group 2.

"Scarlett is a great character to have as part of Friday Night Football. She is equally as comfortable within any position, and shows a great willingness to stay on the ball.

Scarlett has come into the group and seamlessly adapted socially, which is part of our four-corner approach to coaching. She has already made really good friends and conveys a work ethic that is so important within sport. Having spoke with my fellow coach Fawzi, it's clear how well Scarlett is developing her technical ability.

As mentioned - not only to just stay on the ball, but to be productive in progressing up the pitch. One thing that I have personally noticed has been how well Scarlett not only releases the ball, but then looks to receive it back, combining with her teammates".

The last winner is our 'Attitude of the Month' for FNF Group 2 and this was awarded to Riley O'Sullivan. Riley is our first participant to win a second 'of the month' trophy - and it's thoroughly deserved.

James told us:

"Riley has what we call fantastic 'learnability'. His ability to take on information from coaches is second to none, which puts him in a great place to be able to improve across all areas of his game. As I mentioned in relation to Oscar's award, he clearly has so much fun coming here which is the main thing. I'm a big believer that when you have fun, you learn best & when you enjoy what you do, you achieve the most. We're seeing this with Riley each week, with his technical attributes constantly improving, due to the fact he is simply so eager to learn".

A massive well-done to Dylan, Oscar, Scarlett & Riley!

Keep up to date with many exciting announcements to come by following us on social media - @jellisfootball.

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