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We have our winners!

For the very first time, we've introduced 'Player of the Month' & 'Attitude of the Month' awards.

We want to reward the hard-work and application of our amazing participants, and that's exactly what we did on Friday 7th March.

Player of the Month celebrates participants who we feel have gone above and beyond in applying the elements of our DNA Philosophy that we teach week-to-week. It focuses on particular elements of the Physical & Technical Corner within our four-corner model.

Attitude of the Month concentrates on the Psychological & Social Corners, highlighting the importance of things such as teamwork, behaviour, enjoyment, commitment & ownership - among much more. Coach Fawzi & Coach James handed out the awards & here's why...

First up, Albie Noakes-Brown took home the Attitude of the Month award for our Friday Night Football Group, School Years 4-6.

Albie has consistently demonstrated an amazing attitude since joining us 6 months ago, with James stating,

"It's such a pleasure to have Albie at J.Ellis Football, he clearly loves coming each week & what has particularly impressed me across March has been his emotional control and reactions.

He was able to bravely deal with an injury the other week, and was desperate to carry on, and that's not to mention how helpful and excellent his behaviour always is".

Within the same group, our coaches had to make the incredibly hard decision of who to award the Player of the Month award to. James said, "It really could have been any participant, as everyone has been taking the learning on board so well".

"Oliver Tkaczyk in particular has demonstrated some excellent 1v1 attacking skills and really developed his general movement skills as well as shooting variability. He's progressed his already excellent passing range, as well as really trying to put everything he learns each week into practice".

Our School Years 7-9 groups were equally challenging to find just two winners! However, Coach Fawzi explained why Holly Cockren took home the Attitude of the Month award, "Holly always shows such commitment and effort in every session, even when she was coming back from an injury - she was wanting to get back involved as soon as possible.

He went on to say, "her application to learning, willingness and desire to give her best is so great to have in the group. She has huge ambition and her confidence has come on so much in the last couple of months".

The final winner of the evening was Rocky Vakatawa, a J.Ellis Football participant who has been accessing our services since the very beginning over a year ago. Rocky has been a pleasure to have at our sessions throughout that entire period, but this month in particular, Coach Fawzi said, "Rocky's 1v1 defending, agility and balance has been amazing. He shows really good deceleration after denying space & strength to protect the ball under pressure."

Well done to Rocky, Holly, Albie, Oliver & every single participant that is with us each week!

We'll be revealing our monthly award winners right here on our website each month.

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