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James Ellis joins AFC Bournemouth

J.Ellis Football are excited to announce that proprietor James Ellis has taken a new role as AFC Bournemouth's U13's Lead Coach.

Having been with the club during the 2021/22 season assisting the Foundation Phase, Ellis now takes the lead of the U13's within the Youth Development Phase for season 2023/24.

Across last season, he had been combining a role as Bashley FC's 1st Team Coach in the Southern League, Step 4 of the English Football Pyramid - alongside J.Ellis Football and as England Football's National Lead Coach Developer. He will still continue with England Football, delivering coaching qualifications to propsective coaches up and down the country.

Ellis said:

"I'm really excited to rejoin AFC Bournemouth. They have just this week revealed that Category 2 status has been achieved, which means that the games programme for the players will be changed and the young people can expect visits from renowned academies on a regular basis.

The academy has gone under major work in recent years, something I was a part of a couple of seasons ago. The most notable being the construction of an unbelievable facility being built in Canford. I think this move is really exciting for members we have here. It will mean that I can bring knowledge and experiences gained at AFCB into what we do on a weekly basis with J.Ellis.

What's really interesting about this age group is that it is their first year playing the 11v11 format. I hope to have a really positive impact on the excellent young people they have at the club, and working with some really innovative coaches and people across the club.

Last season at Bashley was brilliant, and I have no doubt they are going to have another great season - one of which I will be very much supporting from the stands".

Ellis has already begun his work at AFC Bournemouth and there will be no changes to the services we offer here at J.Ellis.

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