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The Countdown is on!

We are so excited to say that the four-week countdown until the return of our school sessions is officially on! We started working with our partner school Corpus Christi Catholic Primary, in October 2022. Since then, our partnership has gone from strength to strength.

It didn’t take long for us to grow at the school, with interest in our sessions skyrocketing after our first intake of 9 pupils. As per our latest count last month, we now have 63 people on our form wanting to access sessions in the new 2023/24 academic year!

At present, we will only be able to accommodate 40 pupils weekly across two sessions at the school. We do have plans to introduce a third group very (very) soon, so watch this space! Our waiting lists for all our services all operate on a first-come-first-served basis, and this is how we prioritise allocation of spaces once they do become available.

In the meantime, James Ellis spoke about the upcoming year and the partnership as a whole:

“I used to attend Corpus Christ School, so establishing this partnership last year was a personal one for me. I wanted my former school and their current pupils to have something so unique and against the norm for school opportunities. I can’t find any other school that can say they have UEFA qualified coaches that come on-site and deliver sessions to pupils weekly.

The sheer number of pupils that want to take part, and the growth we’ve had in such a short space of time says a lot about the quality and the level of experiences we offer. We started with 9 pupils, but we now need to find away to accommodate over 60, it’s amazing”.

Parents / Guardians will be contacted across August with all the details they need ahead of the new academic year launch.

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