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Lymington Town FC

J.Ellis Football are extremely pleased to share the news that we will deliver our DNA Introduction Course to a range of Lymington Town youth team players across the U8's, 'Buzzards' U9's & the 'Redshanks' U10's.

Amy Menzies, a parent of two our current Friday Night Football members - is also a coach at Lymington Town. We caught up with her for a quick Q&A ahead of the July start date.

So, you have had both of your boys coming to our DNA Football sessions at Littledown - how did you hear about us in the first instance?

“Another parent at training let me know & I bought the boys to a 'Give it a Go' session.”

Why did you then want to get involved in the club courses we offer?

"Because the boys attending Friday nights have shown a lot of improvement and gained in confidence. We want to get professional training to our kids, teaching them technical skills and for them to understand the basics of football".

What are you as coaches, hoping to gain from the sessions?

“We want to learn from the coaches - how and what to teach. We also want to gain experience on how to organise training sessions & be more efficient”.

And what are the players hoping to get from the sessions?

“To learn some new skills, gain more confidence and of course, have fun.”

What are your main aims for the teams this coming season?

“To improve each individuals skill, give them more confidence and improve the general level of the team. We also want to be competitive in our new league and have fun."

"We are moving into a higher league coming from the New Forest, so we will be seeing lots of new challenges for the first time. We want to keep the team positive and working hard for each other.”

Finally, what do you believe the main challenges are to grassroots football?

“Teaching the kids to keep their positions, pass & offer solutions. Plus, getting kids to listen & ensuring they get to training & match day on time!”

James Ellis said:

"I'm so happy this is up and running. Lymington Town are a great club with a vibrant youth section that I am certain we can support. I know a number of the volunteers that work tirelessly running the club - and I'm really excited to get the ball rolling with them, alongside all of the young players."

The sessions are beginning in July on Saturday mornings. This follows on from our recent announcement that we have also partnered with Wimborne Town U9's, with further news on that to follow in September when their bespoke club course begins. In the meantime, click here to read all about our most recent club course with Greenfields. If you're a local grassroots club - we'd love to come & support your unique environment - head to our clubs page to find out more and book.

Stay tuned for further updates on Lymington Town!

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